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Personas Metropath(ologies)

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Untitled from Hamilton Steele on Vimeo.

I’m really into this video a friend made… embracing the digital nuances we try so hard to avoid/disregard—glitchy pixelation never looked so good

Alexandra Stratimirovic

Girl with Ice Cream, 2008

I’ve been researching art that incorporates light as a medium, so I thought I’d share an example of what I’ve found so far. This particular piece incorporates over 1,000 small medical glass containers filled with colored liquid – which immediately reminded me of a laboratory, which reminded me of the Science Center that most of y’all are using as the site for the next project. Regardless, it is a fine source of inspiration.

materials: Metal, white/opal plexiglas, glass liquid containers, coloured water, fluorescent lamps.

tierney gearon photography

“But instead of taking single shots she creates surprising, chance-narratives using the classic technique of double exposure in camera that she then prints without retouching or post work. By superimposing two, quite unrelated images into one, she invents scenes that are startling, surreal, and engaging yet also fleeting and ephemeral.”

Julie Mehretu

Since we are going to be talking about Julie Mehretu in class, I thought I would post some of her beautiful paintings! Her work focuses on systems and the movement into the in-between. Currently working in New York City, she has become a prolific artist in the contemporary art world. Mehretu’s work is generally made up of paintings and drawings. It is made of fragments, movements and layers, and represents a broad range of influences. From her smaller movements to her large-scale explosions, Mehretu brings an expressive visual language into the art world that deals with reality today as much as it deals with the biography of herself as an artist in the twenty-first century. Her work has made itself known in the branded galleries and museums around the United States and in Europe. Her work has also made its debut in the auction houses in New York and London. She continues to stand strong as a contemporary artist in the twenty-first century and continues to create narratives of time, space, and the in-between.

Stadia II, 2004

ink & acrylic on canvas

Grey Space (distractor), 2006

ink and acrylic on canvas

Dispersion, 2002

ink and acrylic on canvas

Jill Greenberg

“Mala Centerfold”

Capturing primates in a classical manner.

kathe kollwitz

so life recently has been filled with working on my senior exhibition pieces…which i have chosen a topic close to my heart, but also one that is super depressing. the earthquake in haiti. but i’ve been a little stuck lately until i remembered the artist Kathe Kollwitz. she is awesome, focused on the tragedies of life including poverty & war. the way she captures emotion has really struck me. its insane.