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Don Hertzfeldt

Don Hertzfeldt is by far one of my favorite animators. His drawings are simple but unique. “Rejected” is one of his awesome short films he created. Definitely worth watching if you enjoy animation and want to have a good laugh!

The Sandpit by Sam O’Hare

Click the first link to see the film.

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

I found this video and thought it was too great not to share. The artist took 35,000 stills of one day in New York City to make this miniature-looking film. (Original Music: composed by Human, co-written by Rosi Golan and Alex Wong.) The questions you will undoubtedly have about the process can be answered here: Interview with Sam

Mapping By Pedestrian

Project #1 | Group # 3 | Aidan Liller, Sarah Scroggins, Lindsey Webb, Victoria Sank | Drawings & Video Installation

More Marclay

Video Quartet (2002), a large, four-screen projection featuring hundreds of clips from old Hollywood films, with actors and musicians making sound or playing instruments, represents a high point of his vision, an elaborate audio-visual collage that evokes pop culture, appropriation art and sampling.” (more)

Video Quartet, 2002, Edition of 5
Four-channel DVD projection, with sound
96 x 480 in. (243.8 x 1219.2 cm)