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Brian Dettmer

altered encylopedias to make the following images, titled “World Series.”

World Series


Here’s a link to Dettmer’s flickr with more of his projects:


The Lovely Work of Cassandra C. Jones

Cassandra C. Jones’ “Google-found” digital photo collages and video loops explore how we “create, communicate with, and consume photography in today’s ‘remix culture.'”

“Some of the works included are constructed by compiling hundreds of professional and amateur snapshots of the same subject taken by different people. Ranging from full-color lightning bolts to old black and whites of horses jumping over a fence, she links them in ways that depict motion, line and non-linear narrative. Other pieces are made by deconstructing single photographs, removing their backgrounds and reducing them to isolated shapes. Jones then duplicates and arranges these forms to create compositions where singularity and multiplicity exist simultaneously. There is both an order and a chaos present in the body of work, which overall asks the question, what does it mean to organize and interpret imagery in the digital realm, where the archives of visual information are in a constant state of growth and evolution?”

You can check out more of her work at:

Pantone Palette Cleansers

“What would it look like if the color experts at Pantone were to all of a sudden start selling tongue scrapers — or “Palette Cleansers”? This project imagines what would happen if color standardization became a thing of the past for Pantone and they decided to move into the far more lucrative world of oral hygiene. Each color chip is filled with hilarious information regarding the new products, as well as a staggering amount of marketing material aimed at enticing users to buy the new product line. The aim was not simply to copy the existing visual style and identity, but rather to predict how Pantone might evolve to incorporate the new product line as part of a brand extension.”

Mapping By Pedestrian

Project #1 | Group # 3 | Aidan Liller, Sarah Scroggins, Lindsey Webb, Victoria Sank | Drawings & Video Installation

Name That Building

Project #1 | Group #2 | Alicia Price, Emily Speck, Ali Goodman, Paige Rowley | Paper Silhouettes

Dome Aesthetics

Project #1 | Group #1 | Pilar Arrieta, Rebecca Marino, Monica Wright, Katy Potts | Invitation to Event.