Urban Camouflauge

I came across the work of Joshua Callaghan and thought I would share. He camouflages unsightly utility boxes with images to help them blend into their respective cities.


Personas Metropath(ologies)

Try it:


Alexa Meade’s Acrylic on Flesh

Really amazing. Alexa Meade paints people and objects to create the illusion that they are 2D paintings on canvas. Visit her site as well as her flicker page to see her work.



Abbey Theatre (AKA the chapel) as a Firing Range, 1946


The above link is to our very own library webpage,  more specifically the “Picture of the Month” homepage.  There are some great archival pictures of campus available here. The captions are also great sources of historical information. For example this photo of the Chapel shows one of its many uses over the years. Thought it may be helpful place to start our research!

Living Pain Map

“…and Counting addresses this double standard as Bilal turns his own body – in a 24-hour live performance — into a canvas, his back tattooed with a borderless map of Iraq covered with one dot for each Iraqi and American casualty near the cities where they fell. The 5,000 dead American soldiers are represented by red dots (permanent visible ink), and the 100,000 Iraqi casualties are represented by dots of green UV ink, seemingly invisible unless under black light. During the performance people from all walks of life read off the names of the dead. ”



“Dan Meyer’s infographically translated statistics about the year 2009 shows an original and animated view on the now popular practice of publishing one’s life as data.The data contains several dozen statistics about the pop culture he consumed, the people he talked to, the (Belgian…) beer he drank, the places he visited, the vehicles he took to those places, and the amount of sleep he enjoyed each day. These statistics was spread across several thousand cells of a spreadsheet, which were then condensed and animated into the 2.5 -minute video clip .”