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Untitled from Hamilton Steele on Vimeo.

I’m really into this video a friend made… embracing the digital nuances we try so hard to avoid/disregard—glitchy pixelation never looked so good

———–> your sky <————

Create a sky map to show the entire sky as viewed from any given location at any specified time and date (past, present and future). A stereographic projection is used, as is the convention for printed star maps.

Have Art and Theory Drifted Apart?

Scenes from a Marriage: Have Art and Theory Drifted Apart?

This is a recording of a really great discussion from the Frieze Foundation.  It’s kind of long, but REALLY worth listening to… even if just as background audio while working on something. Brings up some really interesting points on the relationship between art and theory, plus it starts to get real feisty during the Q&A portion…

sophie calle

if you aren’t familiar with sophie calle, she’s kind of amazing. this is her most recent exhibition from this past summer.

plagiarism or appropriation?

Really interesting article in the New York Times—A young writer from Berlin uses “literary sampling” in her most recent novel, creating a good deal of controversy, as she feels  appropriation is as legitimate in the world of literature as in the world of art and music .

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