tierney gearon photography

“But instead of taking single shots she creates surprising, chance-narratives using the classic technique of double exposure in camera that she then prints without retouching or post work. By superimposing two, quite unrelated images into one, she invents scenes that are startling, surreal, and engaging yet also fleeting and ephemeral.”


kathe kollwitz

so life recently has been filled with working on my senior exhibition pieces…which i have chosen a topic close to my heart, but also one that is super depressing. the earthquake in haiti. but i’ve been a little stuck lately until i remembered the artist Kathe Kollwitz. she is awesome, focused on the tragedies of life including poverty & war. the way she captures emotion has really struck me. its insane.

Beautiful Losers

Hi team,

I watched this documentary last night called the beautiful losers.  If you haven’t heard of it, its about these rebel artists who change from graffiti artists to established artists who do alot of work for advertisements and the media.  They also opened their own gallery and basically tried to, in their terms, “make it without any help of the art institutions.”  I thought it was interesting in terms of what we talked about in class yesterday…they started out a punk street kids and were all about the rebellion, yet they ended up in pepsi adds.  They basically said they just wanted to get their work seen, so they stopped caring about the anti-institution vibe.  None-the-less, they became a part of the controlled art establishments they started out hating.  just wanted to reiterate the circle!

“art is subtraction”

I heard this poet/writer Austin Kleon speak last week…he is awesome. basically he hit writers block, so he just started marking up newspapers and came up with these black out poems. points for recycling

his stuff is here: http://www.austinkleon.com/newspaper-blackout-poems/

make your own blackout poems & post here: http://newspaperblackout.tumblr.com/

urban collaboration

Urban Edge, held in Milan was the biggest urban art event in Europe. Over 55 artist from all over the world met in Milan and over five days collaborated on an amazing collection of work. The video belowgives you a taste of what it was like.

Urban Edge Show 2005 from Diana Manfredi on Vimeo.