This is Richard Woods

Well sort of…these are the wood floors that Richard Woods paints. Humorous style–playing with his own name to find a niche in the art world. Just when you thought wood floors had already been done…

Merging Man and Machine

“The Bionic Age” in which technology is advancing to mimic human life…though it may not be a new concept, robots are becoming more and more relevant. Disregard Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator¬† (although he really could be a robot), it is interesting to see how the machine is becoming more human-like. Would you really want a mechanical arm to replace yours if you lost it in some freak accident? I think it is fascinating to find comparisons between artificial life and natural life- what makes the two so different? Would a computer shaped like a hand be such a bad appendage? I don’t know…maybe not. I think I’d like to have an excuse to say, “Go go gadget arm!”