Julie Mehretu

Since we are going to be talking about Julie Mehretu in class, I thought I would post some of her beautiful paintings! Her work focuses on systems and the movement into the in-between. Currently working in New York City, she has become a prolific artist in the contemporary art world. Mehretu’s work is generally made up of paintings and drawings. It is made of fragments, movements and layers, and represents a broad range of influences. From her smaller movements to her large-scale explosions, Mehretu brings an expressive visual language into the art world that deals with reality today as much as it deals with the biography of herself as an artist in the twenty-first century. Her work has made itself known in the branded galleries and museums around the United States and in Europe. Her work has also made its debut in the auction houses in New York and London. She continues to stand strong as a contemporary artist in the twenty-first century and continues to create narratives of time, space, and the in-between.

Stadia II, 2004

ink & acrylic on canvas

Grey Space (distractor), 2006

ink and acrylic on canvas

Dispersion, 2002

ink and acrylic on canvas

Don Hertzfeldt

Don Hertzfeldt is by far one of my favorite animators. His drawings are simple but unique. “Rejected” is one of his awesome short films he created. Definitely worth watching if you enjoy animation and want to have a good laugh!

Psycho Killer, Qu’est-Ce Que C’est?

Yet another senior exhibition is in the making! Paige, Alicia, Lindsey and I are all going to be showing in the art exhibition on April 16. Shit! Only a month and six days away! Anyways, I thought I would post images on what I am working on for my piece- I’m showing yous guys my process and practice yo:

Sorry for the crappy shot, but this is my test print I did to figure out my idea for the 18×24 piece of copper I am translating this image onto. I was really interested in the TWA Terminal in NY when we learned about it in Modern Art History. I started reading and gathering information about the terminal itself and modern architecture in a more general sense. Ultimately, I became interested in how modern architecture has survived in the contemporary setting. Ha-Cha!

I would love to hear from you guys on what you might think of the piece if you have time to comment!

The piece has evolved from this photo, since it is now on a larger plate, but still shows a good gist of what I am working towards. I’ll try and post more recent photos of the plate soon

Twenty Two: Photo Senior Show! This Friday!

So if you spend enough time in the art building you may have realized that the senior photography show is this friday at 6p in the fine arts gallery! And we are lucky enough to have a photo major of our own in the class: Rebecca Marino! I’ve been able to get a sneak peek and the show looks awesome! Get excited!

Rebecca was kind enough to let me post two of her photos that are going to be exhibited:

If you have any questions or want to see some more photos, just visit the exhibit website:


Guggenheim’s spiral

Inside (Center of Guggenheim) by Daniel Buren

This semester in Brantl’s Contemporary class we learned about Daniel Buren, in the 1970s, being confronted by the Guggenheim museum over the impact of his work in the prestigious gallery space. Buren was able to expose how the Guggenheim museum placed the architecture of the building (created by Frank Lloyd Wright) before the work being exhibited. I thought this was really interesting because of the museum’s unique exhibiting space in the central bowl of the building and how contemporary artists now are able to incorporate the architecture into their exhibitions.

Some interesting examples I could find:

"Inopportune: Stage One" by Cai Guo-Qiang (2004)

Mobile, Alexander Calder (2007)

"Spider Couple, Untitled and Untitled" by Louise Bourgeois

The Walkmen, High Places, Leo Allen, Colson Whitehead & a marching band (2009)

Interesting article on art and the recession

Taken from the Art Newspaper, how to beat the recession!

Finally, someone lets us know:

How to beat the recession: cut costs, slash prices, don’t lie and be creative

by Cristina Ruiz

Maurizio Cattelan exhibits at the Menil Collection

I really want to see this exhibit next time I go to Houston. Maurizio Cattelan is a contemporary Italian artist and this will be his first solo show in Texas. Some of the pieces are said to respond directly to parts of the Menil’s permanent collection and will be placed within those galleries. Should be a pretty interesting exhibit. Has anyone seen it yet?

The Menil Collection is pretty fucking sweet. Definitely worth traveling to Houston to see if you haven’t yet. Can we say fuck in this blog?