Xue Jiye|Contemporary Surrealist Artist Extraordinaire

Occasionally disturbing but easily one of my favorite painters, Xue Jiye is one of China’s most prominent contemporary artists. Xue’s style has evolved a lot over the past 10 years-and he predicts more changes in the future. But what I admire most I think, is the consistent purpose and warm feel of his paintings-no matter how bloody or constricted they appear to be.

“In his latest series of paintings, Xue depicts the human condition – a constant struggle for existence within human society. The figures in the paintings are all nudes, indicating that they are defenceless and vulnerable. Some of them are exerting all of their energy to hold themselves up, suspended between the two ends of the painting. In one set of paintings, the figure is gradually restricted between the edges of the paintings until he does not even have enough space to breathe or move. These pieces indicate men’s futile struggle against the powerful forces of society, which is surrounding them, as the edges of the paintings are confining the figures. Even if one tries to escape from society, it will eventually constrain and constrict us all.”

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