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Recaptioning: Bible Stories.

So, yeah, some of you have seen these, but blasphemy is fun for all! So, here’s this…


Pantone Palette Cleansers

“What would it look like if the color experts at Pantone were to all of a sudden start selling tongue scrapers — or “Palette Cleansers”? This project imagines what would happen if color standardization became a thing of the past for Pantone and they decided to move into the far more lucrative world of oral hygiene. Each color chip is filled with hilarious information regarding the new products, as well as a staggering amount of marketing material aimed at enticing users to buy the new product line. The aim was not simply to copy the existing visual style and identity, but rather to predict how Pantone might evolve to incorporate the new product line as part of a brand extension.”

Living Pain Map

“…and Counting addresses this double standard as Bilal turns his own body – in a 24-hour live performance — into a canvas, his back tattooed with a borderless map of Iraq covered with one dot for each Iraqi and American casualty near the cities where they fell. The 5,000 dead American soldiers are represented by red dots (permanent visible ink), and the 100,000 Iraqi casualties are represented by dots of green UV ink, seemingly invisible unless under black light. During the performance people from all walks of life read off the names of the dead. ”

wearing colors of the apple

mary virginia carmack collage

A photo/collage by Mary Virginia Carmack. I choose this image to share because I have a personal affiliation with APPLE, but some of her other collages are here:

Ryan McLennan

An interesting example of using a conventional approach to painting to make a contemporary critique on our dealings with the environment.

From “Clown Chattle” series, 2010. Ballpoint pen on newspaper.

Appropriation for everyday. (My brother sent this to me. He made it.)

Merging Man and Machine

“The Bionic Age” in which technology is advancing to mimic human life…though it may not be a new concept, robots are becoming more and more relevant. Disregard Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator  (although he really could be a robot), it is interesting to see how the machine is becoming more human-like. Would you really want a mechanical arm to replace yours if you lost it in some freak accident? I think it is fascinating to find comparisons between artificial life and natural life- what makes the two so different? Would a computer shaped like a hand be such a bad appendage? I don’t know…maybe not. I think I’d like to have an excuse to say, “Go go gadget arm!”