Guggenheim’s spiral

Inside (Center of Guggenheim) by Daniel Buren

This semester in Brantl’s Contemporary class we learned about Daniel Buren, in the 1970s, being confronted by the Guggenheim museum over the impact of his work in the prestigious gallery space. Buren was able to expose how the Guggenheim museum placed the architecture of the building (created by Frank Lloyd Wright) before the work being exhibited. I thought this was really interesting because of the museum’s unique exhibiting space in the central bowl of the building and how contemporary artists now are able to incorporate the architecture into their exhibitions.

Some interesting examples I could find:

"Inopportune: Stage One" by Cai Guo-Qiang (2004)

Mobile, Alexander Calder (2007)

"Spider Couple, Untitled and Untitled" by Louise Bourgeois

The Walkmen, High Places, Leo Allen, Colson Whitehead & a marching band (2009)

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