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The Lovely Work of Cassandra C. Jones

Cassandra C. Jones’ “Google-found” digital photo collages and video loops explore how we “create, communicate with, and consume photography in today’s ‘remix culture.'”

“Some of the works included are constructed by compiling hundreds of professional and amateur snapshots of the same subject taken by different people. Ranging from full-color lightning bolts to old black and whites of horses jumping over a fence, she links them in ways that depict motion, line and non-linear narrative. Other pieces are made by deconstructing single photographs, removing their backgrounds and reducing them to isolated shapes. Jones then duplicates and arranges these forms to create compositions where singularity and multiplicity exist simultaneously. There is both an order and a chaos present in the body of work, which overall asks the question, what does it mean to organize and interpret imagery in the digital realm, where the archives of visual information are in a constant state of growth and evolution?”

You can check out more of her work at:

Guggenheim’s spiral

Inside (Center of Guggenheim) by Daniel Buren

This semester in Brantl’s Contemporary class we learned about Daniel Buren, in the 1970s, being confronted by the Guggenheim museum over the impact of his work in the prestigious gallery space. Buren was able to expose how the Guggenheim museum placed the architecture of the building (created by Frank Lloyd Wright) before the work being exhibited. I thought this was really interesting because of the museum’s unique exhibiting space in the central bowl of the building and how contemporary artists now are able to incorporate the architecture into their exhibitions.

Some interesting examples I could find:

"Inopportune: Stage One" by Cai Guo-Qiang (2004)

Mobile, Alexander Calder (2007)

"Spider Couple, Untitled and Untitled" by Louise Bourgeois

The Walkmen, High Places, Leo Allen, Colson Whitehead & a marching band (2009)

“art is subtraction”

I heard this poet/writer Austin Kleon speak last week…he is awesome. basically he hit writers block, so he just started marking up newspapers and came up with these black out poems. points for recycling

his stuff is here:

make your own blackout poems & post here:

urban collaboration

Urban Edge, held in Milan was the biggest urban art event in Europe. Over 55 artist from all over the world met in Milan and over five days collaborated on an amazing collection of work. The video belowgives you a taste of what it was like.

Urban Edge Show 2005 from Diana Manfredi on Vimeo.

Interesting article on art and the recession

Taken from the Art Newspaper, how to beat the recession!

Finally, someone lets us know:

How to beat the recession: cut costs, slash prices, don’t lie and be creative

by Cristina Ruiz

Knowledge & History

“Countless layers of ideas, images, feelings have fallen successively on your brain as softly as light. It seems that each buries the preceding, but none has really perished.”

-Charles Baudelaire

sophie calle

if you aren’t familiar with sophie calle, she’s kind of amazing. this is her most recent exhibition from this past summer.